Lana Del Rey has been teasing fans forever about 'Tropico,' and now not one, but two trailers are finally here for the short film.

The 30-minute short film will coincide with the 'Born to Die' singer's 'Tropico EP,' which will include tracks 'Bel Air,' 'Gods and Monsters' and 'Body Electric.'

In the first trailer (below), which debuted on Nov. 22, Del Rey sports teardrop tattoos and stars alongside model and actor Shaun Ross. There are guns, snakes, strippers, oh my! The vibe is very David Lynch, which makes sense. Remember her H+M ads set to 'Blue Velvet?' Those were also inspired by the notoriously dark and creepy director.

The newest trailer, above, shows Elvis impersonators, Jesus, Del Rey as the Virgin Mary and more strippers. The film is described as "a tale of redemption," but that's all that the New York City-bred beauty will reveal about it. 'Tropico' is slated for a Dec. 5 release. Maybe all the mysteries and questions will be answered then -- though knowing the sly Del Rey, she may just raise some more!

Watch the First 'Tropico' Trailer