After a montage of awful 'X Factor' auditions - Simon even compared a group to a time when he sat on two cats -- we knew we were in for a good audition with Lauren Jauregui.

Bright and bubbly, she came to the audition with her parents, siblings, and grandparents, and she was clear that her family was the giant support system that's been helping her on her journey to achieve her dream of being a singer.

The low registers of Alicia Keys' 'If I Ain't Got You' are hard enough as it is to hit, so when Jauregi started the song, we were just a tad iffy, because it was difficult to hear her. But then came the powerful chorus, and the 16-year-old girl brought her powerhouse vocals right along with it -- and she hit every dang note. We have perfect pitch. We know these things. Kind of.

Throughout the audition, shots of her dad tearing up while watching from back were shown and if Cowell had the opportunity to see, his icy heart would've melted for sure. Instead, his heart may have thawed a bit, because Jauregui wowed him. "That, Lauren, is how you do it," he said after her audition. "[The audition] was one of my favorites."

L.A. Reid agreed, fawning of her husky and mature voice and calling it a "perfect, perfect audition." Britney of course was her sweet self, calling her "unbelievable," and Demi couldn't get over the fact that she was only 16. "You have something really special about you," she said. "I'm really impressed."

So was everyone who watched.

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