Get ready to rock out with Lenny Kravitz during his performance for the Walmart 'Soundcheck' concert series!

In the video above, you can get a sneak peek, which includes the singer belting out 'Dirty White Boots' and discussing his upcoming alum, 'Strut.'

"For me, the concept was about grit and glamour," Lenny explains in the clip. "That's what I called it because I wanted it to have the strength of the guitar, bass and drums, have the grit, have the dirt, rock 'n roll. But on the same hand, I wanted there to be a certain polish to it."

All of the elements of the music work together beautifully and especially shine in Kravitz's 'Soundcheck' performances of 'Dirty White Boots.' Fans can even get a behind-the-scenes access to 'Strut.' The latest episode is available here, but be sure to watch for the next installment coming on Oct. 7!

As an added bonus, there's an exclusive digital copy of the Lenny Kravitz 'Live in Miami 6' song from his 'Soundcheck' performance -- plus a full digital album download -- when you buy 'Strut' at Walmart.

Watching Kravitz perform and discuss his music makes us want to rock out, so luckily, the singer is giving one very lucky fan an autographed guitar. There are multiple ways to enter, starting with watching Lenny's performance at 'Soundcheck'! Go here to enter the contest.