Lily Allen's dad once called the cops thinking she was "missing." However, she was actually off losing her virginity at the time.

During an appearance on Alan Carr's Life's a Beach podcast, the singer opened up about the secret rendezvous she had while on vacation with her dad and brother when she was a young teen.

"I actually went missing. I lost my virginity to a guy called Fernando in Brazil, when I was about 12," Allen told the comedian.

When he couldn't find his daughter, Allen's panicked dad called the local authorities in Brazil.

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"They thought I actually went missing. I went to his hotel room, and I was on holiday with my dad and brother, and obviously didn’t come back to my room," she continued, explaining why her family thought something was wrong.

"I woke up and there was [sic] police all over the hotel. They were literally combing the beach and had T-shirts [asking], 'Is this what she was wearing?' I didn’t have the heart to say, no, I was just losing my virginity," she recalled.

Allen added "it was all a bit traumatic, and I didn’t have sex again then for a while."

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Allen is married to Stranger Things actor David Harbour.

The couple were first linked in January 2019. They tied the knot on Sept. 7, 2020 in Las Vegas.

"I married a beautiful, incredible woman who I love. I have never met someone who is so deeply kind as her. I've never felt so taken care of and cared for by another human being. She really is just a deeply kind individual and I love that about her," Harbour told People about their romance.

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