Performing alt-rock phenom Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love,' Lindsey Pavao came full circle on 'The Voice.' After an emotional save by Christina last week, Lindsey needed to show America why she was an original fan favorite.  She proved her worth and more by taking on a song directly in her wheelhouse.

Christina claimed that her last female team member is, "very unique," in a pre-performance clip. Backed up by her proud parents, Lindsey spoke of the confidence issues that have plagued her throughout the show. We also learned that she was a bartender before her tenure on 'The Voice.'

Lindsey brought immense warmth the folksy, guitar driven version of Bon Iver's first single. She smiled more during the song than we have seen during the entire season.  She even hit some surprising big notes that are not in the original version.  We think this newfound confidence can be attributed to the fact that she was singing a song she clearly loves.

Cee Lo made the requisite big love joke in reference to the name of the song and told Lindsey that, "your voice has a shy and innocent quality." Adam Levine told her she did an incredible job and espoused on the diversity of all the contestants. Blake Shelton commended Christina for bringing Lindsey back to her roots. Xtina loved the coffee shop vibe of the performance and gave Lindsey a big hug to end the critiques.

Watch Lindsey Pavao Perform 'Skinny Love' on 'The Voice'