Most three-year-olds torture their parents by listening to Disney soundtracks on repeat -- and that's a best case scenario. More often, said toddler is listening to a single song for hours on end instead -- there's a reason the Frozen soundtrack is so popular and why no one will ever be able to escape the pervasiveness of "Let It Go." But there are exceptions to every rule, and it looks like we've found it in a little girl, identified by PEOPLE as three-year-old Bostyn, who would rather listen to LL Cool J.

The video shows Bostyn listening to LL Cool J's hit "Going Back to Cali," and totally getting into it. At one point she even says to her mother -- who we assume is recording the video -- "Do you hear that bass, mom?" We will refrain from making any "All About That Bass" jokes.

Wearing a super cool leopard print dress with a light pink flower in her hair and her hair pinned back, Bostyn is crazy adorable which only adds to the video's cuteness.She's also completely entranced by the song as she seems to spin a phantom turntable in front of her.

When we were three-years-old we were either listening to the Gloria Estefan and Selena cassettes our mother would put on in the car or we were crying over something so inconsequential we can't remember what it was, all these years later, so Bostyn is way cooler than we were.

Check out the video of Bostyn above!