While many of Lorde's fans aren't ready to let go of her breakthrough smash 'Royals' or her follow-up 'Tennis Court,' her label is pushing forward with a new single from her debut 'Pure Heroine.' And it's incredibly awesome.

The latest Lorde track is 'Team' and as to be expected, it's anchored by Lorde's inimitable voice. Instead of a listy chorus that spouts off disinterest in items of excess like Maybachs and Cristal, Lorde promises unity.

She sings, "We live in cities you'll never see on screen / Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run free / Living in ruins of the palace within my dreams / And you know, we're on each other's team."

That lyrical thread is a continuation of the theme of 'Royals.' Instead of declaring that she and her train-taking friends aren't satisfied with the luxe side of life, they commit to always having one another's backs.

The song has the same tempo as her smash hit, and Lorde's voice is breathy and belies her 16 years. There's power in the larynx. So while she doesn't sound like she is 16, she sings about things that remind you that she is, in fact, a teenager. When you're her age, your friends are all you've got. Getting each other's back and being on the same team is how you navigate that phase of life.

Lorde's lyrical sharpness and prowess is further manifested with 'Team.'

Musically, her voice is surrounded by synthy twists, handclaps, and a repeated beat. It's EDM lite and trendy sonics, but those elements are always secondary. Lorde is the captain of this 'Team.'

Lorde delivers her lyrics in an authentic and pure way that Lana Del Rey wishes and prays that she could.

There is something so soothing and salve-like in Lorde's voice. She doesn't overuse it or get histrionic and that's why her words have such weight. She exudes mystery in every note, making her even more intriguing. We hear more of her thanks to 'Team,' but we're still insanely curious for more.


Listen to Lorde, 'Team'

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