Congratulations are probably in order for Macklemore, who was recently spotted carrying a baby around a Seattle neighborhood. Whether the baby in question belongs to Macklemore or not is still up for debate, but considering the fact that he and his fiancé, Tricia Davis, confirmed speculation that they were expecting back in January, it makes sense that their baby would have arrived by now.

According to E! News, Seattle resident Cooper Clark got a photo with the "Same Love" rapper after seeing him carry around a small child in a front-facing baby sling. "Look who we just met! Congrats on your new baby!!!!" Clark wrote. While Macklemore and Davis have yet to announce the gender of their newborn (or even that the baby was born at all!), Clark says that the baby is a girl.

Back in April, Davis posted a photo on Instagram of her doula April, and her midwives Tina and Wendy, and revealed that the clinic where she would ultimately deliver her baby was involved in Macklemore's "Same Love" music video.

Davis' caption says: "A few years ago when I was producing the 'Same Love' video Tina let us film the birth and death scene at her midwifery center. We were turned down by many other clinics and people.. She opened up to the project immediately and was so gracious throughout, despite Ben not being well known. Flash forward, she will be delivering our little boy or girl.. Gearing up for the exciting day with the team today was a treat."

You can check out the photo of Macklemore and baby above. Congratulations, we think!

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