Madonna didn't just recruit Nicki Minaj for 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' or the Super Bowl halftime show. She also asked the 'Super Bass' singer to contribute her signature quirky raps to 'I Don't Give A.' Madge shared a minute-and-a-half snippet of the song as today's 'MDNA' preview and these two titans of pop music play off one another like sassy and super sexy sorority sisters.

Rumor has it that the song is Madge's thinly-veiled diss of her ex-husband Guy Ritchie. She sings about signing a contract and getting her money back, which made us think "Pre-nup?" for a hot sec. She also flat out declares "I tried to be a good girl / I tried to be your wife / Diminished myself / And it swallowed my light / I tried to become all / That you expect of me/ And if it was a failure/ I don't give a ..." There's not much room for interpretation there, but we're still stuck on the lyric about Madge-as-good-girl. It's so at odds with her sexed up persona that we're perplexed by it.

Moving right along, Madge's longtime PR agent said Madge hasn't described those lyrics as autobiographical so believe what you want about whether or not she's dissing the father of her son Rocco.

Musically, Madge sings over a jangly, syncopated beat, manufactured by 'Hello' hitmaker Martin Solveig. Minaj's raps celebrate both herself and Madonna with a reggae twist, as she declares "We're material girls / Ain't nobody hotter." Did you expect anything less or different?

Girls, use this as a kiss off anthem for any boy whose done you wrong and tried to swallow your light.

Listen to Madonna 'I Don't Give A' Feat. Nicki Minaj