During her interview for 'Dr. Phil' that aired today (Nov. 17), Mama June of ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ fame continued to claim she is not romantically involved with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel and is only looking out for the best interests of her children.

Despite the interview being advertised as Mama June’s attempt to finally allow the truth to see the light of day and to set the record straight, it was pretty much a regurgitation of what she has been claiming all along — that she has not been involved with McDaniel since he was first sent to prison.

Mama June told Dr. Phil: "There's some truths and there's some lies that's out there, and there's the truth between that.” Apparently, this interview was an attempt at getting at the latter. However, things seemed to take a turn for the convoluted when her story failed to match up with that of her daughter, Pumkin's. The conflicted accounts include the amount of time Pumkpin spent with McDaniel during a conversation Mama June claims was arranged for Pumpkin to get closure (Mama June says they spoke for ten minutes, Pumkin says it was an hour), as well as the timeframe in which McDaniel spent raising Pumkin.

When asked if Mama June felt as though she had failed Anna in some way, she responded (Quotes via Gawker): "I do in a way feel like I did fail to protect Anna, but I didn't know. And she admitted that too. I was at work when this happened so I knew nothing, and she never did come to me, anything, the whole time it was happening." Despite the fact that Mama June's mother told her about the abuse, she refused to believe it until Anna told her herself, years later. Mama June also goes on to say she believes Anna did lie, saying: "...in some instances she's lied about certain things, too."

She then goes on to claim that the scandal was kind of a last straw for TLC, and not the main reason for the network's ultimate decision to cancel the show -- despite their already having filmed the entirety of season four.

You can check out the full interview above.