A woman on Reddit is questioning her relationship after her boyfriend downloaded a dating app immediately after they had a fight.

"I was on my boyfriend's phone getting an Amazon locker code as my phone died. Through the corner of my eye, I saw a verification code from [dating app] Hinge from [two] weeks ago," she wrote on the forum.

"I confronted him immediately and he said that he downloaded it when we had a fight [two] weeks ago when I said I felt like I wasn't being respected, putting in too much work in our relationship and want to be taken out on more dates, etc.," the woman continued on Reddit.

Her boyfriend claimed he only downloaded the dating app due to their argument.

"I said I felt like I should be single sometimes 'cause I don't feel loved. He said he deleted it the next day after realizing how stupid he was. I don't know if I can still accept this relationship now. He works a job where he's gone for weeks at a time, and even though we have each other's locations, I don't know if I can trust that he's not talking to other girls after knowing he has the ability to download a dating app," she recalled.

Now, her boyfriend is "begging" her to forgive him, telling her he realizes how "stupid it was" of him to download the app.

He told her that she "was the only person he loved and would never even think of doing something like that again cause he learned." The woman is now wondering if she can believe him or not.

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Users in the comments section urged her to get out of the relationship.

"His knee-jerk reaction to you telling him you want more respect and effort put into your relationship was to try and cheat on you. Why do you want to stay with someone like that?" one user wrote.

"Because you asked for more respect? Really? The trust is gone. Now you know that whenever you express your feelings, he's going to act single. There is no fixing this; he's just love bombing you until he gets the opportunity to do it again. If you stay with him, you're rewarding his behavior. Why would he stop at that point?" another person commented.

"So his reaction to hearing you didn't feel respected was to download a dating app… And you're wondering if you should believe him. Girl, go directly to the ninth circle of hell and pick your self-respect up off the floor. Dump him," someone else chimed in.

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