Mandy Moore might have to consider enacting an official gag order on the This Is Us set — her co-workers have revealed she's engaged to her boyfriend of two years.

Moore's co-stars Chris Sullivan and Jon Huertas revealed to Entertainment Tonight at a soundtrack release party at Huertas’ Venice, California Wednesday (September 13) that Moore was, indeed, betrothed to musician Taylor Goldsmith. The actors said Moore revealed the big news in a group chat, but they've yet to congratulate her in person.

“She just sent out an alert over our family text chain, so I can’t wait to hear about it,” Sullvan said, adding: “She just sent a photo and just wanted us all to know that this just happened, and so then we went on a response spree for about a day and a half.”

Reporter Mark Malkin revealed the couple got engaged on Monday (September 11), just about two months after they celebrated their two-year anniversary. Malkin said he was told the ring is "understated."

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