These days, it's more important than ever for presidential candidates to show some personality. This is something our current leader has completely mastered — and it looks like Senator Marco Rubio is following in his footsteps.

Case in point: The Republican candidate revealed that his musical tastes are well, pretty similar to our own in a recent interview with TMZ.

The interviewer congratulated the hopeful on his run for president before launching into the hard-hitting questions. When asked what he is most looking forward to, Marco urged viewers to check out his web site. He called right now "the most exciting time in American history" and said "the world is changing, we have to change with it."

How does Rubio plan to exact that change? By changing up the soundtrack that plays in the White House, for one thing. "How do you see today's music? What are you feeling right now? Any good artists?" the interviewer asked.

"You know electronic music, I've gotten into a little bit with David Guetta, Axwell and Igrosso, Swedish House Mafia and all those guys," he said. "I'm still a Nicki Minaj fan."

Rubio called Nicki "very talented." We don't expect the outspoken rapper to write his campaign anthem anytime soon, though.

As if that weren't enough, the senator also spoke out about his NFL dreams. Rubio, who is married to a Miami Dolphins cheerleader, said, "I always wanted to play in the NFL and I can't believe that the only member of my family that's ever been on an NFL field is not me, it's my wife."

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