Marianas Trench have released a new video for 'Desperate Measures' in which a woman manipulates singer Josh Ramsay, who finds himself in various doll forms.

In the clip, a beautiful woman is shown dressed in girl's clothes, playing with various figurines and dolls. As she chooses different ones, the camera flips to shots of Ramsay in iconic movies and scenarios. There's a 'Risky Business'-inspired scene, shots of the group as a boy band and cheerleading group, as well as an interpretation of 'Toy Story.'

While it's not entirely clear what kind of magic is involved -- voodoo comes into play at times -- Ramsay suddenly finds himself in the midst of a flash mob and makes his escape. The woman rushes to find her object of affection, but to no avail.

'Desperate Measures' is the third single from the Vancouver-based band's third album, 'Ever After,' which was released late last year. The LP won a 2012 Juno Award for Pop Album of the Year, and scored the band a slew of nominations at the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards. In the end, the four-piece took home two awards at the event for their 'Fallout' and 'Haven't Had Enough' videos.

Watch the Marianas Trench 'Desperate Measures' Video