Marianas Trench's "Here's to the Zeros" is everything we've ever wanted in a music video, especially when it comes from a band known for their creative videos. From spoofing the pinnacle of clean-cut television show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood to the inclusion of puppets parodying Sesame Street, it's a fun video that points out the insane standards of perceived perfection set by the music industry -- and, if we're being honest, the entertainment industry as a whole -- without taking itself too seriously.

The lyrics express that notion pretty explicitly as lead vocalist Josh Ramsay sings, "Hey kids, do you wanna do what I do? / I got sick, got kicked out of high school. / I guess then, I kinda got arrested, / With a car and a chase and a drug test. / These days, they don’t wanna be near that. / 'Cause if you're selling records they don't wanna hear that. / Clean cut, we do it like Disney. / Well-adjusted, trusted, trust me."

Josh said of the song, "I came up with the lyrical concept right after attending the Grammy's for co-writing 'Call Me Maybe.' I felt a ton of internal and external pressure to come up with something as big. I felt like the industry was pushing for everyone to be these clean-cut pop types with no edge. I knew I would never be able to be that, so I decided to write something that went the exact opposite way. I open the song talking about getting arrested for drugs in high school and go from there, embracing all of my downfalls and, in fact, celebrating them. Besides, all those downfalls led me to exactly where I am today. No one can live up to the perfect clean pop image, nor should they have to."

Check out the "Here's to the Zeros" music video above!

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