Love Young Rising Sons? Love their song "High"? Then you're going to absolutely dig this exclusive premiere of the making of the music video!

The video for the insanely catchy song is set in a variety of locations, including what looks like the coolest dive bar ever and the back of a truck. Thanks to this behind-the-scenes video, however, we get to learn a lot more about what went on when filming "High."

The BTS vid kicks off with the directors' discussing what Young Rising Sons are really like. To no one's surprise, they get a glowing review: "Genuinely just rad dudes. They work hard, they make good music, they care about the music, they care about the visual. They care about the art and they're willing to put forth the effort."

One example of that effort is when the band filmed the scenes in the bed of a truck. It was apparently freezing cold during the shoot, but Young Rising Sons endured the cold -- and it totally doesn't show in the finished product. Did we mention that the physical setup of the musicians in the truck meant some uncomfortable positioning? Again, there's no way you'd be able to tell from watching the music video. Talk about professionalism!

The behind-the-scenes clips gives fans a glimpse at the wardrobe options for the shoot. (Spoiler: We want all of those sunglasses!) Get the full behind-the-scenes look in the video above, check out the "High" music video below. Don't forget to check out Young Rising Sons' EP and catch them on tour.