Ever wonder how some of your favorite bands got their names? While some are pretty obvious (Jonas Brothers and R5, anyone?) most have a delightful air of mystery -- a mystery that is just waiting to be solved. WHAT DO THEY MEAN?

Well, we're here to provide that backstory -- all in one picture-perfect photo gallery. That's right: We have the origin of band names like One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, the Vamps, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Big Time Rush and more, so your frequent Google searches can end right here, on PopCrush. (YAASS.) And for those of us who love a little hint of nostalgia -- '90s kids 4eva -- we've also uncovered the meanings behind group names like Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync and Spice Girls as well.

So put down the magnifying glass and drop that checkered cape, because your search for all of your favorite band name meanings is, at long last, finally over. Imagine: You'll now win at any trivia night that just so happens to revolve around pop group name etymology. (Because hopefully those actually exist.) Elementary, my dear PopCrushers.

Go ahead: Peep the meanings of band names like 1D, 5SOS, Fifth Harmony, Heffron Drive and oh so many more in the photo gallery above. And let the knowledge just sweep on over you like a giant tidal wave made up of totally necessary pop music facts -- because that is basically what this gallery is. Happy learning!