Canada natives Marianas Trench -- who racked up more nominations than any other act at the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards -- performed their song 'Fallout' from their concept album 'Ever After' outside during the live broadcast to tons of screaming fans. The performance was, in a word, rousing.

It's easy to see why their fellow Canadians love Marianas Trench, because they have such a theatrical look, style, sound and presence. Sonically, the band meshes pop punk and emo in a way that speaks to the youth, that's for sure. But they also have a flair for the dramatic and effectively make use of the visual element in their image and styling.

Singer Josh Ramsay performed slathered with dramatic black and white eye makeup and by the end of the song, when fire was erupting on the stage as part of the band's pyro and staging, he dove into the audience and crowd surfed for the final moments of 'Fallout.'

Marianas Trench clearly know understand how to create drama via rock 'n' roll theater. Their 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards performance was likely an introduction of the band to most U.S. viewers, and it was a good one!