You know that refreshing, euphoric, nothing-could-be-better-than-this feeling you get after taking that first sip of a bubbly, ice-cold Coke? Well, that's exactly what YouTube dance sensation Marquese Scott wanted to emulate in his new Coca-Cola 'AHH Effect' ad.

The video, which you can check out above, starts off with Scott conducting a classical orchestra -- that is, until he takes that one satisfying sip from a bottle of Coke, and he just can't help but dance.

"Dancing is like second nature," Scott explains in the behind-the-scenes video of the making of the spot (which you can check out above). "Sometimes I'll be walking and I won't even know that I'm dancing."

And it's not hard to see why: Scott's insanely impressive dance moves are so super smooth that it almost looks as if he's just effortlessly gliding across the floor. As he sizzles to a remixed version of Imagine Dragons' 'On Top of the World,' we can't help but think just how perfectly refreshing and fluid his dance is -- just like taking that first, ice-cold sip of a Coke. Ahh!

Check out Marquese Scott's AHH Effect commercial above, and go behind-the-scenes of the spot in the video below.

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This post was produced in collaboration with our advertising partner, Coca-Cola.