Justin Timberlake, is that you? The singer's mysteriously morphed into a lime for his new Sauza 901 tequila.

The ad is shot in a news story format, with JT's citrus-headed alter ego being interviewed.

"Puckerface, you know?" Justin says in the character of Rick "Sour" Vane, who has a thick accent straight out of The Sopranos. "That's what we cured. Along with scurvy."

The story tells the rising popularity of the lime in bars. "We were rock stars!" recalls Rick. Oranges and maraschino cherries were no match for alcohol's trendiest garnish: the lime. In fact, Rick is so confident in the lime's status that he declares "We're the greatest condiment of all time!"

Of course, the lime's popularity couldn't last forever. The release of Sauza 901 in 2013 was the turning point. The triple distilled liquor, as the video claims, was the beginning of the end for limes.

Despite his downfall from stardom, Rick makes a sad confession: "To be honest, I've tried it. Sauza 901. Really good. Like really, really good."

Despite his odd appearance, the video shows off Justin's signature humor. There's a reason he always popped by The Late Show when Jimmy Fallon hosted, and why he's a regular guest at Saturday Night Live. As a talented singer and actor with sharp comedy chops, JT can make a human-lime hybrid interesting to watch — which is no easy feat.

You can check out Justin as Rick "Sour" Vane in the Sauza 901 video above!

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