The real story to what led Beyonce to fire her dad, Mathew Knowles, as manager has finally come to light, thanks to TMZ.

If you recall in March, the R&B queen severed business ties with her dad, and in a joint statement, both parties have said that the decision was "mutual." But now a lawsuit that was filed by Knowles suggests that he might have been railroaded.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Knowles claims that Live Nation Entertainment allegedly lied to Beyoncé about him stealing revenue "[he] was not entitled to" from her most recent tour. When Beyonce's law firm conducted an audit of the tour's proceeds they also concluded that Knowles had stolen money and, subsequently, Bey gave dad the boot.

However, Knowles denies the allegations and accuses Live Nation of manipulating Beyonce so they can get a piece of her upcoming 2011 tour. He's asking a judge to give him permission to take statements from various employees at Live Nation to find out how the company surmised that he was a thief.

Beyonce's publicist had no comment on the lawsuit.

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