They don't sound anything like hard rockers Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance, but Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino of Brooklyn indie pop duo Matt and Kim are excited about their upcoming tour with the rock veterans nonetheless.

"Even though musically we might sound a bit different from those two bands, our energy is in the same place," Matt tells MTV. "You go to a Matt and Kim show, there's still stage-diving, crowd-surfing and moshing. It is a high-energy show."

The three bands are hitting the road for the 2011 Honda Civic Tour, starting this Wednesday, Sept. 7, in Minneapolis. The new tour comes not long after Matt and Kim's own headlining tour in support of their 2010 release 'Sidewalks' came to an end.

"We didn't want to stop," Kim says. "We wanted to add more dates, we wanted to keep going ... We're itching to get back out, and we only finished a couple weeks ago." Matt jokes, "Just by the time we've warmed up and we weren't really messing up a whole bunch of times is when the tour ends."

Even Blink and MCR fans who aren't familiar with Matt and Kim may recognize 'Daylight,' which was featured in a Bacardi commercial, or 'Lessons Learned,' which won the duo an MTV Video Music Award in 2009 for the video in which Matt and Kim stripped naked in the middle of Times Square.

"Hopefully people who are coming to this tour just wanna come out to have a really good time, and I think we can bring that," Kim says. Matt also made a promise, saying, "We're gonna win them over!"

Watch Matt and Kim Discuss The Honda Civic Tour