Melanie Martinez scrubbed her entire Twitter account clean aside from a video teaser promoting a new upcoming project seemingly entitled K-12.

The video, which the artist shared Wednesday (May 15), begins with Martinez walking in late to a classroom. When the door slams shut, the students look up at her and smile creepily. Martinez looks at the teacher, frightened. The video ends with the words "K-12" in a heart, with the sound of people whispering in the background.

Along with the video, she also changed her header on her social media accounts and the homepage to her website, with "K-12" and a pink school bus in front of a large building. Fans have speculated that this means a new EP, album, or a film that she previously mentioned she was working on, may be on the way.

In an interview with Billboard, Martinez said that her sophomore album will be released alongside a musical film.

In early 2019, she gave fans an update on the status of her sophomore album and film. She explained she expects that the album and film will debut in late summer.

Watch the K-12 teaser clip, below:

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