From her performances to her videos to her interviews, M.I.A. has never been shy or subtle about expressing social, cultural, and political perspectives. (Look, the girl literally flipped the bird on live television to millions watching the Super Bowl in 2012.) Now, the British-Sri Lankan artist is getting vocal on an important world issue: environmentalism.

The artist has partnered with global fashion retailer H&M to promote World Recycle Week, which takes place April 18 to April 24. During the week, which is being billed as a "global fashion movement for the planet," H&M shoppers will be able to bring their unwanted garments to locations worldwide to donate the clothing in exchange for store credit. The company hopes to collect over 1,000 tons of recycled garments from across its 3,600 global stores in an effort to reduce landfill impact.

In addition to collaborating on the worldwide event, M.I.A. has filmed a campaign video featuring a new track called "Rewear It," for which a teaser dropped online Friday (April 8). In the clip, a diverse group of models and dancers from all across the globe are seen dancing in a gesture of unity, while the artist stands atop a colorful tower of textiles with a sweeping city skyline behind her.

And while there is some irony in one of the world's largest fast fashion retailers encouraging its consumers to rethink fast fashion, the pop star seems to be most concerned with the core message H&M is trying to send. In a press release posted by the brand, M.I.A. urged that the initiative is "about embracing important environmental issues such as the landfills, and highlighting a global movement."

The full music/campaign video will premiere on April 11, and you can recycle along with M.I.A. the following week. And if you choose not to, well...


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