Miguel has a busy summer ahead of him, as his weekends are booked solid with festival sets including Bonnaroo, London's Wireless Fest, Pitchfork and Outside Lands. But given the "Adore" singer's ability to maintain an energy level that kept a sizable chunk of his 2016 Governors Ball audience from bolting to find shelter in a sudden downpour, it's clear he's got the stamina for it.

It was a warm, occasionally-sunny day when Miguel took the Honda stage at New York City's Randall's Island — for the second time, technically, as he'd bounded out during Mac Miller's set to deliver his feature on the rapper's "Weekend." Dressed in all white topped by an orange-striped caftan (take note,festival fashion mavens), he and his band greeted the crowd with the "a beautiful exit" opener to 2015's Wildheart album. Just a couple of songs in, as he sang of craving the "Simple Things," it began to drizzle.

Then it began to rain. A lot.

Some scattered to seek shelter under tents and trees. The best prepared among us revealed themselves as they furnished umbrellas from their bags. One couple repurposed their picnic tarp. What were they doing under there? Sending service-delayed snaps?

Miguel's performance only became more fervent the harder it rained: First the caftan came off, then he teared his soaked-through white T-shirt right off. He shuffled, he did his own version of a hippie-fied body roll, he traced an hourglass body silhouette in the air with his fingers, he writhed on the stage floor — and above all, he sang his heart out.

The audience responded to his 110% commitment level in kind. By the time the rainfall tapered off (temporarily; inclement weather would ultimately cancel the festival's third day), folks emerged from their covered spots on the sidelines and danced along to Miguel's abbreviated cover of 2Pac's "I Get Around."

"I'll never forget that time we danced in the rain together," Miguel told the crowd with a grin.

And as he closed with a remix of "How Many Drinks," he handed security his loose baubles and jumped down for a final serenade to his fans — fully giving himself to the crowd one more time, literally.

Set List:
a beautiful exit (intro)
The Thrill
Simple Things
Sure Thing
Hollywood Dream
Arch & Point
Face the Sun
I Get Around (2Pac verse)
How Many Drinks?

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