The Collaboration Room is a place for artists to exchange ideas, memories and challenges that shaped their careers. For many musicians, these monumental moments happen in front of crowds onstage. Mike Posner and Timeflies sat down to share standout experiences from previous performances.

Rob "Rez" Resnick of Timeflies recalled a heart-dropping moment on stage that ultimately turned into one of the duo's landmark performances.

"We had a show -- it was a pretty small show, probably 200 people -- tiny show, and it was a new song and I must have had a hundred edits on my computer and I accidentally, I played the one that didn't have -- it's a feature, this girl Katie Scott on the chorus," Rez explained. "Her vocal wasn't in this version. So I got to the chorus and I realized that she wasn't about to come in and I didn't know what to do, so I kind of low-passed the track."

What happened next -- a little collaborative effort from the crowd -- made the song stand out for Timeflies.

"The crowd sang the whole chorus," Rez recalled. "It was so great and it was probably one of the best times we played that song."

"Yeah," his bandmate Cal Shapiro agreed.

For Mike, a standout moment came not from triumphing over an error, but from proving he had the chops to make it in the music industry.

"For me, we played an unplugged show in Detroit," Mike said. "My whole family was there. I got to do this poem about my mom and she was in the crowd and I got to bring her on stage. It was a moment for me," he said with a smile.

Mike paused for a moment before repeating the emotional lyrics:

"I said: You and Dad used to worry about me, cause I ain't talk to nobody, I just made beats. But now I get paid by the syllable. I gotta thank you 'cause I know it can be difficult, as I tiptoe in and out of zip codes all on a mission of love. That's what I live for. I got big dreams, Ma, I got big goals. You see my old ones now because I lived those. You gotta admit, Ma, I told you I was going to get into Duke and I did, Ma. I told you I would get signed and I did, Ma. Look at this, Ma. Look at this, Ma."

Mike recalled, "I'd never done it before and the crowd just cheered."

"That's sick," Rez agreed.

Watch Timeflies and Mike Posner relive their incredible onstage experiences in the video above!

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