A hilarious viral tweet about two siblings' Minecraft shenanigans has prompted others to share their stories of video game drama between family members.

"Honest to christ I have no idea how to parent any of this," the original tweet, posted by @GrahamKritzer, lamented.

Apparently, the user's 7-year-old "came into the room crying" after his 5-year-old brother "put 80 cows in his house in Minecraft while he was offline."

The distraught little boy said it was "entirely too many cows." And, yeah, fair.

See the viral tweet below:

"Un-cow your brother's house this instant," a user joked in the replies.

"Let's talk about how impressive it is for a [5-year-old] to fill a house with cows? Lol. Power move," another wrote.

Another user replied with a Minecraft tale of their own: "I once made my youngest do nothing during his screen time for days but farm potatoes until he could pay for the repairs to his sister’s house caused by his 'splosions.'"

Meanwhile, user @marniethorp told a story that ended with a real life lesson.

"Reminds me of the time my 8-year-old came to me weeping because her Minecraft house was burning down. That day she learned an important lesson: never bring a bucket of lava into a house made of coal. That house smoldered for hours. It became a family motto," she shared.

The official Minecraft Twitter account even had something to say.

"It's the cows' house now," the official Twitter account replied.

But the stories didn't stop with just Minecraft hijinks.

"When I was a kid, my brother and I had Sims in the same neighborhood," a person tweeted. "While he was playing, he built a maze in his backyard, threw a party and my Sim came over. She then got lost in the maze and died of starvation. I remember my mom yelling at him while I sobbed beside her."

That's... dark.

Meanwhile, another user's uncle achieved the ultimate Tamagotchi sin.

"My aunt's husband borrowed my [Tamagotchi] and promised he would return it safe and well the next day," @sfdcullen tweeted.

"When I got it back it was dead and I was devastated," she continued. "It's only now I'm realizing how weird it was he borrowed it in the first place."

User @chapadacomenta added a Tamagotchi story of their own: "One time my cousin borrowed my Tamagotchi for like 10 minutes and when he gave it back it was really REALLY fat because he kept giving sweets to it, I had to exercise it for hours."


It's clear that family members — and siblings especially — can't always be trusted when it comes to video games!

Watch your back...

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