A daughter was excited to tell her family that she had passed her driving test. However, when the time came, she says her mom, who has "some traits of narcissism," stole her thunder.

Sharing her story on parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained that when she told her parents she had passed her driving test, her mom decided to reveal her cancer diagnosis at the same time.

"In no way am I disrespecting her or anyone who has suffered from cancer. For a long time I knew my mom had something serious going on, so did my sisters. We begged and pleaded for her to go to the doctors and she lied repeatedly and told us she had and it was a bed sore. Which was impossible as she didn’t exactly sit in one place for a long time. She’s mobile to be precise," the woman wrote via Mumsnet.

The day she visited her parents to proudly tell them that she had finally passed her driving test, her mom ignored her good news and responded with, "Well, I've got news for you."

"She said 'cancer,' and she never looked so happy to see my excitement of me passing my test deflate instantly. I felt awful that I’d just bounced in so excited when my mom had cancer and she hid it from us all for weeks," the woman continued, adding the moment was "just one of many times" her mom has done something similar when her or her siblings were "happy or achieved anything."

"I am not taking anything away in terms of her cancer," the woman clarified in her post, continuing, "I looked after her completely once I knew and she’s cancer free thank God, but I just can’t help feeling she did that on purpose when she’d known for months beforehand."

The woman concluded her post by admitting she feels bad for being upset, but still can't shake the feeling her mom upended her driving test celebration on purpose.

In the comments, users shared their support for the frustrated daughter, suggesting her mother was in the wrong for sharing her news at the same time.

"I think the way she told you was cruel... Why would she say it in such a smirky/happy/passive aggressive way? That's just awful," one person wrote.

"Anyone who has lived with a [narcissist] gets what you are talking about. A classic tactic is to take any celebration — other people's birthdays, anniversaries, parties — and set out to ruin the celebrating person's day, by making it all about themselves," someone else commented.

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