A woman was left traumatized after she stumbled upon her neighbors getting it on in public.

On parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman shared she is furious with her neighbors after she caught them getting having sex in a public area inside her apartment building.

"I live on the top two floors of a terraced house with another flat below. Been here for a few years and had new neighbors move in downstairs about 5 months ago, haven't really spoken to them apart from a couple of months ago when we had a leak," she wrote via Mumsnet.

When she returned home one day after visiting her mom, she was shocked to find the couple getting it on in full view.

"I unlocked the front door and lugged my bags in, only to be greeted with a pale, hairy backside pumping away! Seems the two of them were going at it on the stairs leading up to my place," she wrote.

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"I'm all for getting my rocks off but would really rather they did it elsewhere. There's a wet patch on my stairs now," she concluded.

In the comments section, users were mortified for the woman.

"They were shagging in the communal hall? Maybe they like the thrill but jeez that's foul," one person wrote.

"Is that not classed as indecent exposure?" another commented.

"That's inappropriate of them. I once had to knock on a neighbor's door and ask them to keep their curtains shut when they were busy during the day (because the kids like to play outside and it was in full view). Fortunately that was all it took to correct things," someone else shared.

"Yuck. Tell them about the wet patch. Ask them to pay for the carpet to be cleaned," another wrote.

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