The internet is backing a new mom after she refused her mother-in-law's bizarre request to stop breastfeeding early so her 4-month-old daughter can visit for sleepovers.

Sharing her story on parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained that her mother-in-law was upset after learning the baby isn't ready for overnight stays, complaining that she transformed a spare room in her house into a "princess and unicorn" bedroom for her new grandchild.

"...She proceeded to do a grand reveal of our [daughter's] new bedroom, all bedecked with pink princesses and unicorns. She proceeded to request we make a start with her first sleepover next week," the woman wrote.

In her post, the new mom explained her baby is still breastfeeding and struggling to sleep in her crib throughout the night — meaning she's nowhere ready for sleepovers at grandma's house.

The woman graciously thanked her mother-in-law for the baby's surprise bedroom but gently explained that "it was much too soon to be having sleepovers."

However, the woman's mother-in-law didn't take the news well, and eventually approached her son — the woman's husband and father of the new baby — with a new request.

"I caught sight of a text popping up on [my husband's] phone. So I picked it up and read their conversation," the woman continued.

While reading through the text exchange, the woman saw her mother-in-law had encouraged the woman's husband to tell her to stop breastfeeding soon so the baby can sleep over "1-2 times a week."

Thankfully, the woman's husband backed his wife up and told his mother they would let her know "when we're ready."

However, now the woman feels uneasy and isn't sure if she'll ever allow her daughter to stay at grandma's house.

"[My husband] and I are homebodies, so while the time might come that we want a babysitter for the odd night out, it hasn't even occurred to us yet. If she doesn't calm down, I'll be asking my own parents to do it. Am I being unreasonable, or is she just nuts?" the woman asked the forum.

In the comments, Mumsnet readers unanimously agreed with the woman's maternal instincts and slammed the pushy grandmother's request.

"She's a little baby! Breastfeed as long as you want to and stand firm on the sleepovers until you're comfortable. She shouldn't even be in a separate bedroom now, so it's a moot point. Just tell her that," one user wrote.

"She is nuts," another wrote, adding that her children didn't experience sleepovers until they were 2 years old.

"I normally try to see the MIL side of things, but this is bats---! I didn't leave mine until he was 2, and that was a one-off one night, and I worried the whole time! Your baby is not a doll," someone else commented.

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