Are Mumford & Sons the next rap music stars? The Grammy-winning folk-rock act gave an interview to Rolling Stone in which they claimed their next album will be a hip-hop project.

When asked what direction he wants the group's third album to go in, singer Marcus Mumford said, "Like, hip-hop. We really want to rap. We've just got so much to say – saying it through a melody doesn't really work for me. We've been talking with Jay-Z about it, you know. It's gonna be a fresh experience for our band."

Mumford was evidently joking, as he made the comments with a grin on his face, and it's almost impossible to imagine the group built around banjos and mandolins suddenly trying to compete with the likes of Kanye West and Lil Wayne. But even if they don't start dropping phat beats, Mumford & Sons do intend to change things up next time around.

"We definitely had a graduation to go through with the sound that we had through 'Sigh No More' to 'Babel,' and that sound to us feels satisfied," Mumford says. "And that's a sound we'll always play. The world has been really supportive of those songs, but then there's other sounds we want to make."

The magazine reveals that the group has recorded a 10-minute psychedelic jam, and keyboardist Ben Lovett confirms they are experimenting. "I do feel like we're ready to make the departure," Lovett says. "There's definitely cohesion between the two albums. Now that we've done that, we're not desperate to walk away from that sound, but we're willing to explore what else we could do. These two albums are like brothers. [We'll] do something that's a cousin."

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