Nelly Furtado just released a dramatic black-and-white music video from 'Waiting for the Night' -- the fourth single off her latest album 'The Spirit Indestructible.'

The vid first features Furtado in a white belly baring tank and pants, sporting what appears to be Dia de los Muertos inspired makeup on only half of her face (which reminded us of Lady Gaga's skeleton look in 'Born This Way'). The camera then pans to a number of dancers rocking the same style -- only this time, they're clad in white dresses and nailing some impressive choreography.

What happens next is kind of eyebrow raising, as Furtado appears dressed to the nines and ready to tango. Um, what?!

Still, the tune is perhaps the catchiest single to come off the aforementioned album, and with an easily memorable chorus, "Day and night, day and night / You blow my mind, blow my mind / And I can’t help, help myself from falling / So I’m waiting for the night," you're guaranteed to be singing along in no time!