A bride was devastated when her husband demanded a divorce after she refused to have sex with him on their wedding night.

Sharing her story on Australian radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield, the woman explained she already had sex with her husband pre-wedding, but was too "tired" to engage in any frisky behavior after the ceremony.

"I was married for not even 24 hours before my husband wanted a divorce, and we separated two weeks later. The night of the wedding, we went out, and when we got back to the hotel room, unfortunately, I didn't give him what he wanted," the woman detailed.

She noted she felt "miserable" after her husband got angry with her, and "couldn't wait" to get away from him.

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Meanwhile, the radio host blasted the "revolting," jaded groom, calling him an "awful, disgusting man."

The host also noted many couples forgo wedding-night consummation because they are too exhausted from the big event.

The shocking story was shared when listeners were asked to call in with stories regarding relationships that ended very quickly.

Watch a clip from the segment via TikTok, below:

Users who commented on the TikTok video were horrified by the woman's story, with many sharing their own wedding-night tales.

"My husband was too tired after unbuttoning the 300000000 buttons on the back of my dress to get me out of it. So romantic really," one person wrote.

"My husband cried about how much he loved me then fell asleep while I removed 83 bobby pins from my hair," another commented.

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"We had to get up at 4[AM] to catch a flight so when we got to the hotel we fell asleep," someone else wrote.

"I face planted the bed while my husband picked hair pins out of my hair," another shared.

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