Kicking off the first new performance of the night on 'The Voice' was Nicholas David, the own-home family man who has made it no secret that he's doing this for the benefit of his family. It's something fans and viewers alike have come to respect and seem to love, because he certainly didn't get to the Top Three without the love of the fans.

David said goodbye to slow-tempo songs and opted to cause a stir by meshing two different songs together for his live performance: Jerry Lee Lewis' 'Great Balls of Fire' and Jimi Hendrix's 'Fire.' It was an ambitious attempt to combine the two songs, but it worked, because not only was his energy fitting with the songs he was singing, but in typical 'Voice' fashion, the set featured flames of fire. But really though, those flames were so close to him, we were sweating just watching.

Judges Thoughts: Adam Levine appreciated that we got to see a different side of him, and especially loved how he took the time to entertain the crowd. Blake Shelton said it was "fun," saying, "I am too glad you went there with it." His coach felt that his "fire tonight burned this house down." 

Back for his second performance of the night, David sang a song he has already sung on the competition: 'Lean On Me.' What's difficult about these contestants singing songs they've already performed on the show is that they sound exactly the same as they did the first time, making it super hard to critique. Therefore, we'll say this: David's unique and soulful song once again fit the song perfectly, and it was certainly more pleasing on the ears than on the eyes -- the set was boring and simple, but we'd kind of expect that with this song.

David was joined by his coach for his final performance of the night, and being that Cee Lo is so awesomely outrageous, and David's unique voice, we knew were in for a helluva performance.

Much like Blake Shelton's footage, David's wife, sons and parents accompanied him at Cee Lo's place, and it was nice to hear thoughts from his parents on what made him get into singing in the first place.

Well, it was no surprise that the duo decided to sing 'Play That Funky Music,' because if that's not up the alley of these two singers, then we don't know what is.

Rocking some serious red sunglasses and matching pants, David started the song, but was one upped by his coach solely for his outfit, which consisted of what we could only imagine are zebra Jnco jeans and a matching top ... which sparkled. Clothing aside, though, the performance was so much fun to watch and listen to, that we kind of forgot we were watching a singing competition.

The two jive so well together and genuinely seem to enjoy each other's company, that it made for an enjoyable show, but the highlight was the mini Cee Lo who came out of nowhere, dancing in a matching outfit. What we thought was a special effect trick turned out to be just a young boy named Milo, who popped and locked in that same zebra outfit with the same sunglasses and stole the show.

We wouldn't wanna follow that act!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow night to see who will be crowned season three's winner of 'The Voice!'

Watch Nicholas David Perform 'Lean On Me' on 'The Voice'

Watch Nicholas David + Cee Lo Green Perform 'Play That Funky Music' on 'The Voice'