Whoa. Weeks after controversy lightning rod Nicki Minaj revealed that she only claimed to be bisexual early in her career for attention -- she is in fact heterosexual -- she posted a raunchy photo from the video shoot for 'The Boys' with Cassie.

We know, it's just a photo and it's make believe and doesn't have to reflect real life, but (the) boy(s), is it risqué. Minaj, with her pink and blue wig, looks to be dropping low and going down… well, we'll leave it at that. You can see the picture and the action taking place!

It looks like Minaj and Cassie might have little interest in 'The Boys' based on this photo, as Cassie is pressed up against a pink wall and Minaj is reaching her arm up. Hey, you never know, Minaj could be admiring Cassie's belly button lint. Or maybe she dropped a contact lens. Anything is possible, right?

Minaj should be premiering the clip for 'The Boys' any day now, so stay tuned to find out exactly what Nicki's doing in this sexual picture. The track will also appear on her forthcoming project 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up,' which drops (but not as down low as Nicki in this pic) on Nov. 19.

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