Suffers From: Escalaphobia (fear of escalators)

An incident back in 2011 has sparked rumors that the Harajuku Barbie herself has a fear of escalators!

It all began at the NBA Player's Association Gala when the rap diva had to take an escalator (*gasp!*) down one whole floor. Nicki Minaj just could not do it, so she had the paparazzi come to her for pictures. Escalaphobia or not, this lady will get her photo op!

Reports of this fateful night had Nicki rocking sky-high heels (as usual), which could have contributed to her apprehension for riding the escalator. We're calling shenanigans, seeing that she usually travels with a pretty sizable entourage. What's the point of having Safaree Samuels around if he can't help you down some mechanical steps every once in a while?

This also begs the question, does Nicki fear moving sidewalks, as well? Riddle us that!