With Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler out of the 'American Idol' picture, FOX has been on the hunt for replacements. They've already recruited Mariah Carey for one of the spots, and now the word on the street is that Nicki Minaj will be filling the other judges' chair with her bodacious booty.

Since these rumors sparked, everyone has been wondering whether or not the Young Money rapper will make a good fit for an 'Idol' judge. Allow us to play to Devil's Advocate for a moment. While she may be a rapper primarily, Nicki has also shown off her singing chops in the past. Granted, she's usually Auto-tuned heavily, there's really no question she can carry a tune. But does that mean she'll make a good judge? When you've got vocal legend Mariah Carey sitting next to you, someone like Nicki Minaj might not resonate as much while critiquing contestants.

But that really doesn't mean a whole lot, considering Nicki is one of the top-selling female artists today. The Jamaica, Queens native has made a huge name for herself with her zany, sharp-tongued rhymes, outrageously sexy costumes, captivating stage presence and in-your-face attitude -- so there's really no doubt that she'll be an entertaining person to watch every week on 'American Idol.' She'd be like the more glamorous, rapping version of Steven Tyler, with everyone waiting to see what she'll say next!

Finally, rapping is obviously Nicki's forte, and more and more rappers are now auditioning for singing competitions, so it might be interesting to have that kind of insight. With all that being said, do you think Nicki Minaj will be a good fit for an 'American Idol' judge?