After tonight's episode of 'X Factor,' Nicole Scherzinger and her co-mentor Enrique Iglesias have their work cut out for themselves. The over 30s group just might have the most talent in their midst.

The performances at Nicole Scherzinger's Malibu mansion got off to a slow start with former Skid Row resident Dexter Haygood's high-heeled, high-energy performance of Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love.' Outfitted in an acid wash jean jacket reading "Memphis," Haygood high-kicked and scurried around Scherzinger's poolside, but did not do much singing.

And the judges were not crazy in love with his performance, either. Iglesias looked like he was trying to stifle laughter throughout the performance, with Scherzinger remarking at the end, "I would have liked to have heard the song a little bit more." Us too, Nicole. Us too.

Next up was single mom and fan favorite Stacy Francis, and man, does this girl get better with every performance! Francis has really started to master her skills, as she sang Prince's 'Purple Rain.' In her previous outings, she could get a little crazy with her vocal stylings, but she has really started to reign herself in and we're loving it. Her performance was full of soul, and this girl knows darn well how to command an audience.

As she sang, Scherzinger was clearly getting emotional as Iglesias sat memorized. Upon finishing up, Iglesias remarked, "I think the neighbors heard that." But the judges did have concerns as to whether she would be successful in today's market. C'mon, guys! With retro-sounding songs all over the radio, there's no question Francis would be huge.

If wedding singer Elaine Gibbs doesn't win 'X Factor,' we're sure her bookings will increase ten-fold. Sounding like the next Sharon Jones, Gibbs sang Oasis' 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' with ease. This seasoned performer truly let loose on what could be considered a rather unconventional song for her. And we agree with Iglesias' assessment of her: "Her confidence can make her a superstar.”

Last up for the over 30s was James Kenney, a father who works a plethora of jobs to help support his family. When he's not waiting tables and crunching numbers as an accountant, Kenney is dreaming of bigger things for his family. He said, "This is about providing the type of life my children and wife deserve. That’s why I’m here.” Talk about pressure!

Kenney sang a rock-infused version of 'Russian Roulette' by Rihanna, and while it lacked a "wow" moment, we were certainly impressed -- as were the judges, saying they thought Kenney could be a rock star. Hope that doesn't interfere with his daddy time.

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