Nina Nesbitt is making her way up the pop music ladder with her acoustic guitar and clever, heartfelt lyrics. The Scottish singer-songwriter took a moment out of her promo circuit for her self-titled EP to talk with PopCrush about songwriting, working with Ed Sheeran and more.

The 20-year-old’s big break began when she opened for Ed on his European tour, so of course we asked how she met the Brit. “It was actually a very small radio gig in Edinburgh,” she explained. “There was about 10 people there, and it wasn’t starting yet, and he just walked in … and I asked him if he had any advice for upcoming singer-songwriters.”

She continued, “He just said, ‘Oh, do you play guitar?’ and I said yes so he handed me his guitar and said, ‘Play me a song then.’” Quickly overcoming her fear of playing in front of a famous musician (and the 10 others in the room), she played him a tune — and clearly he was pretty impressed. “He tweeted me the next day and asked me on tour, and that was it, that was kind of the start of everything.”

Find out what else Nina had to say about Ed — plus her biggest music influences and how she gained the confidence to play in front of massive crowds — in the video above!

Nina Nesbitt Shares Her First Celeb Crush + More in Pop Dive