NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, who are on the road together as the Package Tour, brought the '90s to the 'Today' show this morning (May 30) in New York City. The boy bands, who were at their respective peaks in the 1990s, proved that they are incredibly viable two decades later by demonstrating flawless dance moves while delivering their delightfully harmonized pop.

With NKOTB, the choreography was flaw to-the less, as they ran through 'Step By Step' and 'You Got It (The Right Stuff).' Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

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During the interview portion, before Nick Lachey and co. performed 'The Hardest Thing,' Matt Lauer talked to the groups, namely NKOTB and BIIM, about how they are getting along. Boyz II Men said that they and NKOTB have known each other for 15 years, so it's all about mutual respect and love. Even though they've enjoyed a 15-year friendship, NKOTB'er Donnie Wahlberg said they are still getting to know each other even more.

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98 Degrees said that they were able to just get back in the groove and click as a unit, and then launched into a gentlemanly version of 'The Hardest Thing.'

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Boyz II Men rocked 'Motownphilly,' and suddenly, it was the early '90s all over again. Their choreography was smooth like butter and the Boyz, er, Men were having a good time. The crowd was decidedly older, with fans soaking up the nostalgia... But there were also younger kids in the audience, who missed these boy bands the first time around! What's old is new again.

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