No Doubt are already on their second single from their comeback album 'Settle Down,' which drops Sept. 25, in the form of 'Looking Hot.'

That is what we can say about gorgeous frontwoman Gwen Stefani. Previous single 'Settle Down' didn't really go anywhere at radio, despite being a quality tune. 'Looking Hot' is a synth-slathered pop jam replete with a dose of ska and reggae flavor. But those additives come later in the song -- they're the bells and whistles and don't comprise the whole of the song.

The tune is slick and polished, but it's also drenched in '80s new wave tones, especially in the chorus when Stefani asks, "Do you think I'm looking hot?" Did that question really need to be asked?

This is the danciest that the So Cal band has sounded, thanks to the thunderous, assertive beat at the center of the song. It almost sounds like Stefani is singing over programmed, computer-generated instruments, since it's super synthetic. It's actually closer to Stefani's solo material than it is to No Doubt, since her compadres don't factor heavily into the song.

The warm and fuzzy ska breakdown swoops in at about the 2:20 mark and that's when the familiar No Doubt shows up. The song then resets and becomes an electro pop dance gem again.

This could be No Doubt's version of a club banger, but we don't think it will be the favorite song of its diehard, Warped Tour-attending fans.


Listen to No Doubt, 'Looking Hot'


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