OneRepublic want to bring real instruments back to pop music. The band sat down for an interview in which they gave some insight into their writing process for their next album.

Frontman and songwriter extraordinaire Ryan Tedder did most of the talking, explaining that his group wants to move beyond anything they've done so far. "This is a completely different process for this album," he said. "We've really worked ourselves hard in the last five years and just gone for it. This next album, we feel like we're kind of in a good position to cross into the next threshold."

He added that he feels a certain obligation on the next album. "We're in a time when there aren't really many bands anymore. It's all dance music and pop. So in a way we almost feel a sense of duty to push this thing forward with actual instruments and somehow find our place in the world on a bigger scale than what we've ever done."

Tedder talked about 'Christmas Without You,' the band's holiday song, which he called a throwback that "tastes like 1965 in your mouth." And he revealed OneRepublic's pre-show routine, saying, "For a live show, it involves watching whatever the latest 'Sons of Anarchy' episode is, followed by a fifth of Jim Beam and ice chips."

It may seem like OneRepublic released a new album not long ago, since their optimistic tune 'Good Life' was a big hit this summer. But that track actually came from 2009's 'Waking Up.' Their next record does not yet have a title or target release date.

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