OneRepublic were living the 'Good Life' at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards during the show's final performance. Ryan Tedder and company took the stage to treat viewers to a live rendition of their latest single, 'Good Life,' and the quintet really got the crowd going with their feel-good hit.

Kicking off the performance, Tedder was shown in the middle of the crowd of screaming fans playing his guitar. He quickly jumped onstage in time to start singing, with his band backing him on the glowing stage. During the performance, neon outlines of a city skyline and people dancing were projected on a giant screen, emulating the electrifying energy of the song and the cities it is written about.

As Tedder belted out the song, audience members were clapping, singing and dancing along. The tune is just so dang happy and infectious, that it is impossible not to bounce along with the guys from OneRepublic. It was truly the perfect closing act to the vivacious Teen Choice Awards.

Watch OneRepublic Perform 'Good Life' at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards