'If I Lose Myself,' the second single from OneRepublic's upcoming new album 'Native,' has found its way online, following the lush 'Feel Again,' which landed earlier this year.

The new track, which will be officially released and available via iTunes in January, has a little bit of an EDM vibe to it in the opening. There is also some studio treatment on the vocals. It's not too far removed from its predecessor, and both songs sound like they should (and do) live on the same album.

But for the most part, it's dreamy, airy pop-rock, which the band and its leader Ryan Tedder are known for.

It reminds us a wee bit of Maroon 5, only with no falsetto. Musically, it follows a similar path as the Adam Levine-fronted rock group.

About a minute-and-a-half into the song, there is quite a prominent electro synth part. There is also a full, layered and robust vocal chorus about three minutes in, one that begs to be sung along to.

Overall, we'd say this is a slightly different sound for OneRepublic but it's not one that makes us go, "Well, that didn't sound like OneRepublic." It's just some tweaks and small improvements to an already rock solid formula.

Take a listen to 'If I Lose Myself.' After you lose yourself in the song, tell us what you think. Do you love it? Are you "meh" about it? Sound of in the comments below.

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