Ozzy Osbourne has condemned Kanye West for using a sample of "War Pigs" without his permission, saying he wants "no association" with the rapper.

According a social media post made by Osbourne, West had requested his permission to use a section of a 1983 live version of "War Pigs," which he denied. He went on to claim that West used the sample anyway at his album release party in Chicago on Thursday night. (The album, a collaboration between West and Ty Dolla Sign is titled Vultures and was scheduled to be released on Feb. 9.)

In his post, Osbourne described West as an antisemite and a person who has "caused untold heartache to many."

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West himself, however, purportedly refers to himself as an antisemite on the album. "And I’m still crazy, bipolar, antisemite / And I’m still the king," he says on one track (per TMZ). At present, Vultures still has not been released digitally.

This is not the first time Osbourne has made it clear he's aware of West's actions. Back in October of 2023, he and wife Sharon Osbourne dressed as West and his girlfriend, Bianca Censori, recreating their infamous pillow look. West has also previously sampled Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" in his 2010 song, "Hell of a Life."

Osbourne has, however, offered praise when it comes to other rappers. Earlier this year, he deemed T-Pain's cover of "War Pigs" as the "best cover" of it ever.

It's also not the first time aim has been taken at West for his classic rock sample usage. In 2022, he was sued for underpaid streaming royalties from his 2010 song, "Power," which sampled King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man."

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