Boy oh boy. Things are looking bad for Diddy. With four lawsuits filed against the once-beloved music exec in the past four months, culminating with federal raids on his homes in Miami in Los Angeles earlier this week, Puff seems to be in a whole world of trouble. With his alleged misdeeds appearing to come to light, more and more people are now speaking out against him.

Music Industry Vets Speak Out Against Diddy

While 50 Cent has been a staunch Diddy antagonist, other former associates of the long-time label head have also come forward with stories in the past few months.

  • Former Bodyguard Roger Bonds

Shortly after Cassie sued Diddy for physical and sexual abuse in November of 2023, Diddy's ex-security guard, Roger Bonds, came out against him and said he stopped Puff from assaulting multiple women.

"I was sick of everything that was going on around you," Bonds said in a video he shared on social media. "I was sick of having to cover up everything that you did. I was sick. Cassie spoke on it. She said, 'Yeah, I jumped on it. I jumped in between it.' That wasn't the only time. It was other times, and it was other people."

A week later, he clarified his comments.

  • Former Bad Boy Artist Mark Curry 

Former Bad Boy artist Mark Curry has long since been critical of Diddy's business and personal moves. In the wake of the lawsuits filed against Diddy, Curry has been asked to speak on Puff multiple times. During an interview with The Art of Dialogue back in January, Curry said Diddy is fully capable of the allegations he's being accused of.

"I think he's very capable of doing that," Curry said. "It's in his character. It's who he is. That's what comes with power. That's what comes with arrogance...When you have a history of [violence] it becomes a problem."

  • Former Bad Boy Security Guard Gene Deal 

Earlier this year, former Bad Boy security guard Gene Deal sat down for an interview on The Art of Dialogue and talked about the current lawsuits and what he saw while working alongside the music mogul.

  • Former Bad Boy Artist E. Ness

E. Ness spoke on his time working with Diddy from 2002-2009 on a March episode of Thankx4Askin podcast. When asked about Diddy's alleged star-studded, drug-fueled "freak-offs," Ness somewhat described how he witnessed things going down.

"They select you," Ness said. "You have to fit a certain description. You have to fit a certain mannerism for you to be led down that hallway with the door."

"The way they attack you is through photo shoots and video shoots," he added. "They sending the stylist, if you getting your hair braided. One of those guy be not the way you think they should be. And if you showing them the most love, that's the battlefield. 'He's one of them.'"

  • Former Backup Dancer Tanika Ray 

Former Diddy stage dancer Tanika Ray came forward in March with her own assessment of Diddy's current legal issues, sharing a video where she notes: "You know, we all have stories. Seriously, we all have stories. Mine is horrific and only five people know it, and I probably will never tell it."

  • Journalist Touré

Acclaimed music journalist Touré spoke out about a second-hand encounter he had with Diddy that disturbed the writer on a recent episode on MSNBC's The Reid Out. According to Touré, about a decade ago, he reached out to Diddy about hiring a family member as an intern. Puff hired the man, but the arrangement ended abruptly a few months later.

"Years later, [the family member] finally came and said...Puff had said come home and stay the night with me or the internship is over," Touré revealed. "He said 'absolutely not,' and the internship ended."

Will Diddy Be Arrested?

With the recent raids on Diddy's homes reportedly in connection to a sex trafficking investigation, the question remains if he will be arrested or not. His attorney has denied the accusations and called the show of force a witch hunt. Though a case appears to be building, Diddy remains free for now.

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