Last week we saw Phillip Phillips asserting his individual style, both musically and fashionably (remember the gray shirt Tommy Hilfiger wasn't too keen on?) This week, that individuality paid off in a big way as the blue-eyed charmer took on Jonny Lang's 'Still Rainin'' and garnered compliments every step of the way.

Backstage rehearsing with Stevie Nicks, Phillips got some pretty hefty props, with Nicks gushing, “I think he’s going to be very famous, and I think that’s because he has a certain magic and you can’t deny it.” Plus, the celebrity mentor added that Mick Fleetwood would have undoubtedly invited the 'Idol' rocker into Fleetwood Mac if he had been around in the '70s. “And last but not least," the entranced Nicks added, "he’s gorgeous.”

As soon as Phillip stepped onto the stage, every girl in the audience seemed to be of the same opinion. With the high shrieks of ecstatic teen girls spurring him on, Phillips brought that endearing look and those baby blued to his performance, wielding an electric guitar but only stopping to play it when he wasn't holding onto the mic. With a pianist, background vocalists and a couple electric guitarists onstage with him, Phillips delivered a forehead vein-popping performance, and he even sported a brown jacket (a nod to Hilfiger, perhaps?) over those jeans and that classic gray button-up.

In the end, Phillips was awarded with the third standing ovation of the night from all three judges. “It’s too much," J. Lo explained. I feel like we’re standing up too much tonight … it’s crazy!” Lopez also pointed out that Phillips always succeeds at making them feel the music. "You want us to feel the music," she said. "You want us to experience it with you because you know the secret." That secret, she explained, is that music makes everything else go away.

Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson loved the Dave Matthews-esque performer as well, with Tyler saying, "I feel like every song you sing you own, and it’s in your body and soul, and I still think there’s someone in there trying to climb out.” Jackson, who is a friend of Lang's made it a point to say that he knows the Grammy-winning singer would be proud.

Watch Phillip Phillips Perform 'Still Rainin'' on 'American Idol'