Phillip Phillips was scheduled to have surgery today (May 29) but it was postponed when the 'American Idol' Season 11 winner came down with a raging fever upon developing a sinus infection. Surgeons won't operate under such conditions so it had to be rescheduled. Aw, poor Phillip. He's in bad physical shape right now, despite the big win just under a week ago.

Phillips is suffering from kidney stones so large they cannot pass. Ouch! Kidney stones are said to be one of the most painful things a human body can experience, and Phillips' stones seem to be of mutant proportions. The singer has had eight surgeries to try and alleviate the pain and was outfitted with a stent, all during his 'Idol' run.

Clearly the 'Home' singer, a favorite with the ladies, had the deck stacked against him during the competition, but he prevailed, making his win that much more poignant. He was in both extreme and near-constant pain, but he maintained his professionalism throughout.

Aw. We want to give Phillips a big (but careful) hug.

This surgery will likely be rescheduled for next week, according to TMZ.

PopCrush sends our very best to Phillip Phillips. We're hoping that he gets better and stronger as soon as possible, and that his health is restored.

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