Before taking the stage on 'The Voice' tonight (April 23), the lovable Pip told Christina Milian he hoped his fans -- who affectionately named themselves the Pipsters -- would forgive him for not sporting his signature bow tie this week. Without his colorful cravat, Pip followed coach Adam Levine's advice to show the audience another side of himself. Leaving his more theatrical feel behind, the 19-year-old Georgian went a little indie with Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know.'

Backstage with Levine, Pip admitted that he's been having a hard time finding his exact niche. Since he had a rough week last week but was saved by America, the hopeful knew this week was a big deal for him. And Levine didn't sugarcoat it for him.

Once onstage, Pip started out the song seated at a piano, and we were super glad when he grabbed the mic and jumped off that bench (we were getting dizzy from the camera that kept spinning around him). Taking advantage of every part of the stage, Pip got out into the audience, grabbing the hands of his adorers and bringing his own rendition of the Keane song. While it was a bit pitchy at points and just never quite felt perfectly solid, how adorable is this kid, really?

Even when the camera panned out into the audience to Pip's parents, Dad had a bow tie around his neck. Cute, right? When Pip finished the song in a string of falsetto notes, Blake Shelton was the first to offer his thoughts.

"I thought it was really good until the very end," he said, adding indignantly, "Where in the hell is the bow tie, man? That’s like me without alcohol!”

Adam shot back saying that he loved that Pip was showing another side of himself to the audience. And while he admitted that the performance wasn't perfect, he was complimentary of his beloved team member. It remains to be seen if Pip's performance will land him on the chopping black later tonight when Levine has to choose who to cut.

Watch Pip Perform 'Somewhere Only We Know' on 'The Voice'