UPDATE (8/1): New Pokémon, new moves, new styles, new "Alola form." (?!)

Watch the latest trailer for Pokémon Sun + Moon up top — and start practicing your Z-moves now.

Hang on to your Pokéballs Professor Oak, because Pokémon fever is officially hitting an all-time high today (May 10).

After months of celebrating 20 years of Pokémon (yes, we're all old), the creators of the legendary franchise unveiled a brand new trailer for the two latest games in the series: Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, due out on November 18 in the US for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS — and revealed the adorable three new starter Pokémon you'll choose from to start your adventure in the Alola region: Rowlet (a Grass/Flying type), Popplio (a Water type), Litten (a Fire type). They look like an owl, a clown seal and a fire-breathing cat, respectively.

That's right: it's lit(ten).

Accordingly, Pokémon Twitter is already freaking out — from The Life of Popplio Kanye West edits to elaborate fan illustrations drawn up within seconds after seeing the trailer, which you can now watch above.

But here's the real question: Who will you choose to begin your journey in November? Place your vote, and see some of the best tweets from this AM below.

Celebrities Who Look Like Pokémon: